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Welcome to Mustard Underwriting and hello to you, the global Digital Marketplace.

Mustard is based out of the beautiful harbour city of Sydney, Australia. Our founding team brings over 80 years of industry knowledge and with it that, a rich history of success in all aspects of business. 

Backed by arguably some of the most dynamic and innovative capital providers, Mustard Underwriting will challenge the current Insurer landscape. 

Our engagement with you is more than just a renewal date. We form partnerships and engage with you constantly. We believe partnering should mean exactly that, bringing together two dynamics teams to build long term value. 

The groups we talk to include some of the largest sharing economy platforms in the world. A world that by 2027 is predicted to have a total value of 600 billion U.S dollars. Our focus is also on providing seamless embedded solutions to the digital user journey. 

We are a Coverholder at Lloyds, offering Public and Products liability,  with many more Insurance partners to announce, we will deliver a broad and valuable range of products designed for the digital marketplace. 

Within our offering sits the dynamic, highly regarded EnsurTek group who have revolutionised Insurance platforms by offering a truly no code, API ready, data driven and configurable platforms.

If you have a desire to create additional value for your business and you are looking for true partnership and not just a renewal conversation, then please do get in touch directly

Welcome to a new way of engaging with Insurers!

Imagine a world where your

Insurer builds additional value

while you create your own

success story!

Our digital marketplace Underwriting appetite includes; 


  • Ridesharing

  • Accommodation Sharing​

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • In-House Service

  • On-Demand Delivery

  • Vehicle Leasing

  • Micromobility

  • Marketplaces

& Soon to be announced!

  • Personal Accident

  • Personal Cyber Cover 

  • Income Protection 

  • Livestock Cover

  • Drone Cover

  • Property ISR (Reinsurance only) 

Come and enjoy a new level
of engagement where value
creation is in our DNA

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